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We co-operate with the leading world manufacturers of the food ingredients.

Our partners are the biggest producers and with many of them we have been sucessfully  co-operating for more than 16 years.
Thanks to our solid well-grounded approach to the partnership Soyuzopttorg Group is widely known as a reliable, trustworthy partner. For that reason the large-scale manufacturers of food ingredients choose our company as an exclusive distributor in Russia and in the CIS.

Symrise /Germany/
The company is a global producer of fragrances, flavorings, cosmetic active ingredients, and raw materials as well as functional ingredients. Symrise is the world’s fourth largest supplier in this industry.
Soyuzopttorg Group is the exclusive distributor of Symrise in Russia.


Andre Pectin /China/
Andre Pectin is one of the biggest producers of pectins in the world. It proposes a whole range of pectins extracted from apple pomace or citrus peel, HM, LMC, LMA.
Soyuzopttorg Group is the exclusive distributor of Andre Pectin in Russia and in the CIS. 


Ingredia /France/
Ingredia develops and markets a wide range of functional and nutritional dairy ingredients targeting these main food sectors: cheese, fresh dairy products, ice cream, chocolate and confectionery, bakery and convenience food.
By integrating the HACCP procedures into the quality management system Ingredia guarantees the security for its products.
Soyuzopttorg Group is the exclusive distributor of Ingredia in Russia and in Central Asia. 


It’s the world’s largest supplier of the milk ingredients. With its headquarters in New Zealand Fonterra is a global dairy nutrition company owned by 10 500 farmers.
Fonterra operates in more than 100 countries around the world sharing the nutritional benefits of dairy with over a billion people every day. It supplies the world market with 2 mln tons of the foodstuff annually.
Soyuzopttorg Group is the official supplier of the Fonterra's ingredients to Russia and Belarus.


Eurial /France/
The world’s leading producer of dairy ingredients & products.
Working with 16 production sites and over 2 440 farms Eurial processes 1,2 billion of litres of milk to create high-quality products for specific markets as well as the modern efficient dairy ingredients.
Soyuzopttorg Group is the official distributor of Eurial in Russia and in the Central Asia.


Chr. Hansen /Denmark/
A global supplier of ingredients to the food, health and animal feed industries. Chr. Hansen’s leading market positions are built on the product innovation and applications, modern production processes, long-term customer relations and intellectual property. There’re 2.300 employees in over 30 countries who create and develop acute products. The R&D centres are situated in Denmark, Germany, France and in the USA. Application centres are located in over 20 countries, extraction and production plants - on five continents!
Soyuzopttorg Group is the exclusive distributor of natural colours of Chr. Hansen in Russia and in the CIS.


Shemberg /the Philippines /
It’s the world largest producer of carrageenan.
From its eight carrageenan refineries located in various parts of the Philippines Shemberg boasts a prodigious supply of high quality, cost-effective carrageenan made from the Philippine, Chile and Canada grown seaweeds.
Soyuzopttorg Group is the exclusive distributor of Shemberg in Russia and in the CIS.



Proagar /Chile/
It’s one of the global suppliers of high-quality agar-agar. This ingredient is produced from the seaweed Gracilaria Chilensis which grows in the coastal waters of Chile.
Soyuzopttorg Group is the exclusive distributor of Proagar in Russia and in the CIS.



GreenAgar /China/
Agar “GreenAgar” is produced in China, in the ecological friendly area of Fujian. The manufacturing capacity of the plant accounts for 600 tons of agar per year.
Agar “GreenAgar” has been certified under the safety standard of NOHSC/ASCC. The ingredient is GMO free.
Soyuzopttorg Group is the exclusive distributor of GreenAgar in Russia and in the CIS.



Indoalgas /Indonesia/
Indoalgas is a top quality agar manufacturer in Indonesia.
Its products correspond to the international standards: ISO 9001:2000, HACCP, Halal, GMP.
Soyuzopttorg Group is the exclusive distributor of Indoalgas in Russia and in the CIS.

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Shanghai Brilliant Gum /China/
Established in 1998 Shanghai Brilliant Gum is engaged in producing high quality agar-agar. It has got remarkable development after years of innovation. The factory has been extending its scale year by year developing hydrocolloids engineering with high technology and modern management.

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Ovopol /Poland/
It’s the leading producer of high quality and technologically advanced egg products. Maintaining high stable quality of products has enabled the company to gain trust of customers in Poland and abroad. The main export directions are the European and Asian countries.
Soyuzopttorg Group is the official distributor of Ovopol in Russia and in the CIS. 

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Igreca /France/
It is the leading European producer for egg powder. 70% of its production is exported.
Soyuzopttorg Group is the official distributor of Igreca in Russia and in the CIS. 

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The company’s R & D team is driven by customers’ requests and development projects. Igreca has established a healthy and truthful relationship with its suppliers and makes no concession on quality. The prime concern is to ensure traceability and to be assured that the farms operate under the veterinary control. The different stages of the manufacturing process as well as its environment are supervised by the company’s quality department through the HACCP procedure.

EPS - Eurovo /Italy/
EPS is an integral part of the Eurovo Group, one of the leading suppliers of eggs and egg-based ingredients. It proposes also a wide and diversified range of powdered egg products.
The modern manufacturing facilities of EPS were run in 2011; the area of the whole complex accounts for 15,000 m2.
Soyuzopttorg Group is the official distributor of EPS - Eurovo in Russia and in the CIS.



Tecnovo /Argentina/
Tecnovo is a modern company manufacturing a wide range of egg-based food ingredients. The company was run in 1995. Today it has become a leader in its sector in Argentina.
The philosophy of the Tecnovo’s founders is aimed at creating a value chain enhancing the natural resources of the area, incorporating skilled labor and appropriate technology for accessing the most demanding national and international markets.
Tecnovo is operating under GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) rules in food certification systems FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) for continuous improvement of the management system of food safety in order to ensure the safe supply of food to consumers.
Either liquid or dried, whole egg, albumin or yolk egg Tecnovo always guarantees the high quality of its ingredients. 
Soyuzopttorg Group is the official distributor of Tecnovo in Russia and in the CIS.


Akzo Nobel /the Netherlands/
It is the largest global paints’ and coatings’ company and the major producer of specialty chemicals.
Akzo Nobel supplies industries and consumers worldwide with innovative products.
Soyuzopttorg Group is the official distributor of Akzo Nobel  in Russia and in the CIS.

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Trobas /the Netherlands/
The well-known European supplier of gelatine since 1927.
There’re all types of high-quality gelatine in the company’s product range.
Trobas is certified in accordance with the international quality standards and therefore all its products meet the world quality requirements (HACCP, ISO 9001).
Trobas is a member of The Gelatine Manufacturers of Europe Association (GME), which ten leading gelatine and collagen peptide manufacturers of Europe belong to.
Soyuzopttorg Group is the exclusive distributor of Trobas in Russia and Ukraine.

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Gelco International
Gelco International is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of bovine gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen. Its production capacity is around 16 000 tons/year of gelatin and collagen together.
Gelco factories and products are duly certified & free of B.S.E. It means that the ingredients may be exported throughout the world.
Gelco was founded in 1966 & since then has been operating in the numerous countries of  the South America, Europe, Middle East as well as in the USA & Australia. Soyuzopttorg Group is the exclusive distributor of Gelco in Russia and in the CIS.


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