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Technological Support

Inform, advise, train, implement, make accessible!

  • We have a department of highly skilled technologists who have wide working experience in leading food industries.
  • We inform our consumers about the new ingredients, technological achievements and products.
  • We provide our clients with the expert consultations on the theoretical and practical issues related to the usage of our ingredients.
  • We offer our clients a piece of technical advice on dosages and methods of applying the food ingredients.
  • We organize our own thematic seminars and tasting sessions.
  • We participate in the specialized fairs.
  • We make reports and presentations at the conferences, forums and seminars.
  • We visit out clients for resolving any issues related to the applying of our ingredients.

Our competitive advantages:  the technologists of  Soyuzopttorg Group are always ready for making a trial manufacturing and help our clients to arrange the manufacturing process as a whole from selecting the food ingredients to the quality control of the final product.

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